Yearly Archives: 2018

IoT and Me

The “Internet of Things”, or IoT, is a phrase used to define the universe of internet-connected objects that have the capability to interact with the physical world and exchange data over a network. The use of networked devices to exert control over a physical environment has been around for quite some time in the industrial world; electrical grids are just one example. However, (more…)

HHS Declares Public Health Emergencies in Advance of Hurricane Florence

In preparation for Hurricane Florence, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Alex M. Azar, has declared public health emergencies in both North Carolina and South Carolina. These emergency declarations will provide greater flexibility for HHS to address the health care needs of people who will be impacted by the impending storm. (more…)

Back to the Drawing Board for PH-MCO Procurement

It looks like Pennsylvania will be heading back to the drawing board in the Physical Health Managed Care Organization (PH-MCO) procurement process. That’s because in April 2018, Commonwealth Courtruled in favor of the bidders protesting the contract award process; Aetna, United HealthCare and Vista Health Plan. The three insurers had filed suit challenging that (more…)

The Legal Wrangling over Aetna’s HIV Data Breach Continues

In January, Aetna settled two suits stemming from a high-profile breach of HIV data. Aetna’s breach of Super Protected Data which occurred when the insurer sent letters to roughly 12,000 members that exposed their HIV status. The letters were processed and mailed by KCC, a company Aetna had contracted with to notify the same consumers about the settlement of two class action lawsuits (more…)

Pennsylvania Continues Efforts to Address the Opioid Epidemic

Pennsylvania continues to take steps to address the opioid epidemic by focusing on removing barriers to treatment. In late 2016, the state began implementing its Centers of Excellence program, with the goal of coordinating care for individuals with opioid use disorders and co-occurring behavioral and/or physical health conditions. Originally twenty centers were funded, with twenty-five additional centers implemented several months later. (more…)

Cyber Safety when Traveling

Knowing how to stay safe online shouldn’t be restricted to your home or office. You should practice good cyber hygiene while traveling, too. This will keep your mobile devices safe, and it will help ensure you don’t bring any unwanted malware or viruses back into your home or work environment. Here are a few simple tips you can follow to stay safe when traveling. (more…)