Reporting Tools

Reporting Tools

It’s one thing to have data. It’s another to use your data effectively.

ACA’s MASTRR™ Solutions reporting tools include a range of web-based monitoring reports which provide the decision support necessary to plan, program and pay for care in a fiscally responsible manner.

Our clients are also able to explore their data in depth through the ad hoc reporting capacity of Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) accessible via Microsoft® Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts. These tools allow our clients to roll up, drill down, or slice and dice their data in countless ways, enabling them to quickly discover and examine the trends most important to them.

And, with the focus turning to integrated, whole person care, ACA is committed to incorporating data from newly available data sources, allowing our clients to better explore the complex relationships between physical and behavioral health issues, including the impact of addressing social determinants of health on individuals and communities.

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